Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not just a white man...

Sen. John Cornyn. But you said it.
Sotomayor. I know... and I regret saying it... it was not wise.
Cornyn. But you SAID it.
Sotomayor. I'm aware of that, and again, I believe that it was unwise.
Cornyn. You said you'd have a better view then white men.
Sotomayor. Look, John, it was a mistake on my part, just not worded well.
Cornyn. But I'm a white man.
Sotomayor. And I meant no offense.
Cornyn. But... but... (begins to whimper) I am smart, and you hurt my feelings...
Sotomayor. And again I must apologize.
Cornyn. My feelings are still hurt.
Sotomayor. No, no... John... you're very smart...
Cornyn. Really? (wiping tears from eyes)
Sotomayor. Yes... some might say your the smartest Senator there is.
Cornyn. Newt doesn't think so...
Sotomayor. Well Newt's just being mean.
Cornyn. He hurt my feelings...
Sotomayor. You're very smart, John.
Cornyn. And brave?
Sotomayor. You're super smart and brave, John.
Cornyn. (nods head)
Sotomayor. Do you want a juice box?
Cornyn. Yes please...
Sotomayor. Here you go.
Sotomayor. Shhhh... shhh... (cradles his head and sings) hush little baby don't say a word... (Cornyn goes to sleep)

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